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Through 46 years of teaching, I have noticed that there seem to be very few members from the LGBT community openly involved in the martial arts. I believe this may be because some LGBT people do not feel comfortable going into a martial arts school where they may encounter a lot of negativity and closed-mindedness.


I insist on not allowing negative behaviors and attitudes into my school. The Aikido Arts Institute provides an environment of openness and acceptance. We extend appreciation and respect to every individual. This is one of the things separating us from other martial arts schools, and we are very proud of it.


On behalf of my school, the Aikido Arts Institute, I would like to extend a special invitation to all members of your organization to come visit us and experience the martial art of Hiriki Aikido.


We know that physical and emotional violence, intimidation and bias still exist. Conflict based on how someone looks or whom they love is a challenge some people have to deal with their entire lives. It is especially important for victims of violence to be able to defend themselves and protect their loved ones. When an individual can prevent or stop violence, instead of escalating or succumbing to it, we are all safer.


It would give us great pleasure to introduce you to the martial art of Hiriki Aikido. Please feel welcome to visit us during any class, evenings or Saturdays. If you would like a representative of the Aikido Arts Institute to come and speak with your group, you may email us at contact@AikidoArtsInstitute.com.




Alex Rusinko

Aikido Arts Institute Chief Instructor

World Karate Hall of Fame Inductee

Law Enforcement/Corrections Officers Defensive Tactics Chief Instructor (ret.)