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Special Needs and Youth Class - the Path to FUN, FRIENDS and LEARNING!  


Our approach to instructing Special Needs and Youths is tailor made for each individual’s skill set. The classes are taught by experienced instructors who give their time to the children so that each individual student receives a nearly private or semi-private lesson to ensure that the student is grasping the lesson and is watched over and kept safe.


The average student to teacher ratio is 4 to 1, but never higher and at most times is lower. If the student is in need of more private instruction, an individual instructor is assigned to help the student over the stumbling block and grasp what is being taught and to help the student overcome any lack of confidence or fear they may have. We instill respect for others as well as self-control.


We understand that Special Needs means just that and special attention is given to ensure that the student is having not only a new learning experience but also having fun and interacting with other Youths to form friendships outside of their usual circles.


The students learn a martial discipline, which can help them to focus their energies in a constructive way at home and at school. View our Youth videos in the video section of our web site. Read the reviews our student’s parents posted and afterward if there are any concerns or questions we welcome you to speak with the instructor. 856 356 2426.


We do not believe in making the parents sign contracts that the parents have to pay for even if the child does not attend the classes any longer. That is why we ask the parents only to pay for lessons in a three month block which can be paid on a month to month basis. The student’s learning is our priority, not the dollar.