Q:  I am not very big or very strong, will I be able to do Aikido?

A: YES! One of the great things about Aikido is learning to use your opponents energy and momentum against them.  This means it does not matter the size of the person attacking you, you will be able to do every technique with minimal strength!


Q:  How many times a week should I commit to coming?

A: We recommend beginners come 2-3 times a week.  We have classes all 7 days of the week and you are welcome to attend as many as you want, however, beginners should stick to 2-3 days until they become more comfortable with Aikido.


Q: When will I begin seeing results?

A: Everyone is different in this regard, but generally after about 6 months you should begin to develop confidence in your art.


Q: Can I try it?

A: Absolutely!  We encourage visitors and guests to stop in, observe a class, and even give it a try if you are interested!


Q: What type of people are your students?

A: Our students come from a varying degrees of backgrounds!  Our adult classes range from teenagers to people in their 70's!  We have people who are students, veterans, IT folks, attorneys, laborers, and much more!  It is a diverse group of fun, friendly, welcoming and talented people!


Q: Do you offer children's classes?


Our classes are open to anyone 13 or older.  Please call to discuss exceptions for anyone close to 13.

Q: What if I have taken other martials arts/other styles of Aikido?

A: Hiriki Aikido is the perfect art to combine with your current style and enhance your overall martial skill. We enjoy learning about other arts and styles as well, as it allows us to adapt and improve on the overall efficacy of Hiriki Aikido. So please feel free to ask questions – questions during class are highly encouraged!

Q: Why do we study Wing Chun and Muay Thai?

A: We teach and train in multiple styles to make our art as well rounded and versatile as possible. Having these arts, drastically has improved our entrances, and it also allows us to defend against real and skilled attacks that one would encounter in a real-world scenario. It also allows us to exponentially improve our timing, and learn strong, proper and precise striking.