Steve "Tat"

Steve (better known around the dojo as simply “Tat”)  has been studying various martial arts since the age of twelve, including Hiriki Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, and Kenpo.  Tat completed ROTC Ranger Training under Sergeant Major Tyrone Adderly, one of the most decorated members of the US Army Special Forces before becoming a decorated member of the Wildwood Crest Police Department. He now works as a Senior Partner for a well-renowned law office and spends much of his free time training at the dojo.

Tat blends his decades of experience with Wing Chun (Kung-Fu) and Hiriki Aikido to teach students how to quickly, effectively and safely protect themselves from an attack. Tat also teaches offensive and defensive weapon techniques (with a focus on firearm safety), as well as basic grappling and ground work.

Outside of the dojo, Tat is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and one of the chief firearms instructors with Bangers Sports Shops.  He is developing his own tactical firearms fighting system - SHOOD - and is the founder of AK Artisans.


Ed has been taking Hiriki Aikido since 2008 under Sensei Rusinko. He is a well rounded instructor focusing on the combat side of Martial Arts in addition to striking techniques and weapons training.  Ed’s passion for teaching is clearly visible during his Friday evening class, as well as the classes he assists with throughout the entire week.

When asked what Ed finds most important about Martial Arts he says "I believe your Art should not only be functional but practical.  A martial art should not only work and keep you safe, but should also give you a level of options to the amount of force and level of deterrence used to deal with any overall attack and situation."


Ron has been studying Martial Arts for over 50 years, achieving 5 different Dan (black belt) ranks and various styles of martial arts.   His disciplines, in addition to Hiriki Aikido include, but are not limited to, PKA Full Contact Karate where he was ranked #3 in the country, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and several different styles of Karate.  Ron teaches fighting techniques on Thursday nights, combining his 40+ years of Hiriki Aikido experience with his expertise in other disciplines that range from ring oriented, Thai boxing to techniques practical for the street.

"I want my students to not only know where to hit, but how to hit”, Ron explains, “Body mechanics is the most important technique to apply your strike to it's fullest potential. Each person receives personal attention; not only by me but also by my experienced students."


Nik has been studying Hiriki Aikido with Sensei Rusinko since 2009. Nik specializes in throws, striking techniques and general hand-to-hand combat, which he teaches during his Friday evening classes at the dojo. Additionally, he (along with other instructors) run a women’s self-defense workshop, teaching all ages how to properly “prevent & defend” themselves from an attack.  He is also working on developing a "new parent" self-defense workshop to help teach parents ways to keep them and their children safe.

When asked what he finds most important about martial arts, Nik speaks very candidly. “I  believe that every person should have the basic knowledge and skill to be able to defend and protect themselves and their loved ones from danger. My devotion to safety and protection education makes sharing my skills and knowledge (of Hiriki Aikido) with whomever wants to learn one of my greatest passions.”